network deployment 
BI4T provides services that are tailored to customer's needs. We have skilled professionals who have expertise to handle all aspects of Network Deployment.

Access and Core Network Provisioning

Itransmission networkt includes all the activities needed to make a Switching System (SS) or Base Station System (BSS) operational and to function as a part of a telecommunication network.
BI4T offers network implementation services which includes:
• BSS or Access Network
• NSS or Core Network
We have successfully delivered more than 15,000 sites nationwide including hard to reach tribal and security risk areas of Pakistan. Aforementioned work is accomplished for multiple vendors like Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE, NSN, Motorola and Alcatel Lucent.


Transmission Network Provisioning

Microwave Transmission

Microwaves are ideal when large areas need to be covered and there are no obstacles in the path. Microwave access dominates in base station access network implementations, as it is often the fastest means for network roll-out and capacity-expansion.
BI4T has expertise to provide solution in microwave transmission design, planning & optimization (Capacity planning, IP MW links budget etc.)

Fiber Transmission
fiber transmissionThe expense associated with the supply and installation of fiber optic cabling has decreased dramatically as more and more businesses are realizing the true benefits of a professional fiber optic installation. We have a team of talented experts to deploy fiber transmission (Design, Planning and optimization)
Some advantages include:
• Improved bandwidth and unprecedented reliability
• Better data security and bandwidth

Network Field Maintenance (Telecom Part)

With diversified and rich experience of more than 15 years in Network Field Maintenance for major vendors and operators of Pakistan, our dynamic teams are highly specialized in following domains:
• BTS, IBS, Repeater hardware and software troubleshooting
• Microwave fading issues, link budget analysis and Link Optimization
• Feeder cables routing, Sweep test ensuring optimal VSWR
• Expertise in non-telecom equipment such as Power, Generator and tower maintenance.

Resource Provisioning

BI4T has vast experience in complete outsource solution provisioning which includes:
• Telecom network testing and analysis tools etc.
• Subject matter expert consultant for 2G, 3G and LTE Networks
• Skilled engineers and project managers for various tasks from network planning, implementation, optimization and operations