network audit 

Network Audit

BI4T performs end-to-end network audit to evaluate and optimize the performance of network. The audit process addresses technical evaluation as well as identification of KPI’s, BoQs, Quality of work for on-site installed equipment i.e. Radio, Transmission, BSS and Civil works. The result of audit is extensive reporting and providing suggestions and recommendations to improve network quality based on our expert judgment.



Civil & Infrastructure Audit

civil infrastructure auditOn site and off site inspection of Greenfield and roof top site is involved along with environmental assessment, design verification, physical site inspection for both Operator and sharing sites and site audit of the BTS site infrastructure according to site drawings.
Civil Audit includes:
• Audit of Greenfield and Roof top towers.
• Foundation design and tower design verification.
• Building stability analysis for roof top site and check for additional loading
• Evaluation of site for sharing purpose by analysis of loading capacity and space availability.
• Tower strengthening measures if tower is capable to bear extra load as more than that of design.



Base Station Subsystem Audit

Ibase stationn BSS audit, we check and verify BOQ (Bill of Quality) and quality of installation including:
• BTS Antenna and Feeder cable Installation check
• BTS Visual Installation check
• Hardware and software alarms check
• Physical capacity of the site will be verified by checking the transceiver cards and calculating the supported capacity of the installed cards.
• RF coax cable connections and return loss check and Sector orientations check.





Transmission Audit

Itransmission auditn TXN audit, installation quality is checked to evaluate the quality of installed equipment.
TXN audit services include inspection of following:
• Coordinates and Hot alarms
• Transmission, power cables
• Antenna sweeps and Testing of grounding








RF Audit


RF Drive Test is conducted to check the following events along with analysis of log files to recommend optimization suggestions.

• Coverage of service area: Urban, suburban, rural and inside building
• Intra and inter-cell handover
• Call success rate
• Quality of received signals and power Received signals
• Interference check
• Verifying that the RF implementation matches the RF design sheet
• Analysis of Block calls, Drop calls & Handover failures


rf audit


Network Performance Optimization

BI4t's Network Performance Optimization services ensure that the network operates and performs at an optimum level. Performance measurement data gathered by our technical teams is analysed and then network is tuned to guarantee the provision of optimal network quality and coverage.
We have optimized over 15,000 sites for leading operators and vendors nationwide including Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia and ZTE. Following is a brief outline of what is offered in our Performance Optimization portfolio of services:


Radio Network Planning and Optimization

radio network planningThe aim of Radio Network Planning and Optimization is to optimally deploy cutting-edge technology to optimize GSM, 3G or LTE networks to reap maximum returns in terms of subscriber, revenue and infrastructure investment. Network optimization takes into consideration the voice traffic, data traffic, forecasted subscriber mobility and traffic generating trend to have an optimum network coverage and capacity.




Network Performance Management

BI4T has a competent team for undertaking KPI based network improvement assignments. The main tasks performed under this service are:
• Perform Field Measurements through drive tests and site hardware audit
• Analysis of discrepancies and their potential impact on the performance
• Implementation of changes & improvement of both hard and soft KPIs
• Routine benchmarking of multiple networks based on a pre-agreed set of KPI's


QoS Benchmarking & QoE Audit

BI4T has been involved in Quality of Service (QoS) benchmarking and QoE audit services for national and international operators and regulators. The dynamic team of BI4T performs the network benchmarking through drive testing, MOS testing and OMC raw data analysis whereas QoE is performed through surveys at different levels