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QoS Tracker: A Network QoS Survey Tool:

Designed by BI4T to control and monitor the mobile networks QoS, this tool is complaint with all manufacturers and radio technologies : 2G, 3G and soon 4G. Standalone and fully automated, it collects the raw counters from OMC-R and generates QoS audit reports based on the calculation of standard KPI.The tool is released in two versions: «Regulator» and «Operator» each of them meeting specific needs. From collection to report generation, both versions operate in a fully automatic process.




QoS-Tracker is based on a distributed architecture that ensures a fluid compartmentalization of tasks and guaranties a high level of security transfers. The process automation from the OMC-R counters collection up to report generation avoids any resources mobilization for the management of the tool. Its administration is limited to the absolute need for the tool setup. The tasks control and management are performed seamlessly to the user.




Data Aggregation Mode

Raw data are collected hourly at cell level. These data are processed to calculate the KPIs at the cell level then aggregated at cluster level and globally for any selected period of time.



Tool Administration

administration outilsThe Administration tool is accessible through a user-friendly interface. It allows customization of the tool with all required parameters such as type of radio types equipment, network cluster organization, cells and sites geo-location as well as selected KPIs levels and administration security data (users Id, etc..).






reportingThe tool is designed to generate automatically reports on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannually and annually basis. Any other period can be selected. For more flexibility, the tool allows, via a dedicated interface, viewing the network status on any past period and generates related reports.







Data Details View

données detailsIf necessary, OMC-R raw data are fully accessible through a specific interface. For each KPI, the related data can be provided for a cell, a cluster or the entire network over a period of hours or a specified range.A graph traces the KPI evolution over the specified period. A data Excel file can be edited.